Leadership and Education

This program is based on providing disadvantaged communities with tools and training to empower them to create and carry out projects in which themselves could contribute effectively in their communities. We believe that opportunities are the driving force for the realization of an idea and we believe that many regions of our department lack them, so we see the need to contribute significantly to a change in our society.

Management of natural resources

We consider this a fundamental factor in the good development of our society and its good management can achieve sustainability for our less favored communities that subsist on natural resources and are the main affected based on climate change. The training and education of farmers through to agriculture and its good practices will guarantee efficiency and effectiveness in all its processes. They will be able to produce a greater number of foods which will guarantee the food security of their families and other communities.


The rapid globalization of the world has generated certain needs in all people in general to take advantage of the many opportunities that are presented globally. Being able to provide learning spaces for less favored communities will guarantee them to expand their mentality and in turn develop skills that will facilitate access to more useful information.

Social responsability

To promote the social responsibility of our affiliates by connecting their value chains with potential vulnerable communities, in such a way that both parties can achieve profitability and sustainability in the long term. Our program has 3 ways of including these communities in the value chains of private sector companies, which are: inclusive employment, inclusive chains and inclusive purchases. We accompany companies and communities in all these processes, in order to provide guarantees of profitability and sustainability.